Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kool-Aid Cup Cakes

Kool-Aid Cup Cakes


16-Cup Cake Cups
1-Box of White Cake Mix
Water= 1& 1/3 cups
Butter or Margarine= 1 cup softened
Eggs= 3 lg
Powdered Sugar= 2 cups
Milk= 1/3

3 -Packs of Kool-Aid= 1/2 tsp(cup cakes) 1/8 tsp(frosting)
Your Choice
( The Cup Cakes in the Photos are cherry, lemon lime and grape )

                              You're going to need 2 muffin tins, cup cake pans or whatever they are called in your home. Lightly pray or grease with shortening and set the paper cups inside. This recipe will give you 12 to 16 cup cakes depending on how you fill them
Preheat your oven at 350.
Now it's a good idea to make baking these cup cakes a group project. One, because cooking is a wonderful way to spend time together. Two, this recipe makes for quite a few dishes and its nice to have an extra set of hands to knock some of the grunt work out of the way.
You're going to need  1 large mixing bowl and 2 smaller bowls, because you'll be dividing the batter & frosting into three half cup portions (in some cases the portions maybe a bit more than half).
A rubber spatula will also prove helpful.
In the large bowl pour the cake mix and lightly sift with a fork. Now add the water, eggs and 1/2 a cup of softened butter and mix until smooth.
Begin separating the batter into the other bowls. After that add 1/2 a tsp of Kool-Aid to each bowl and blend until completely dissolved.
 Carefully start to pour the batter into the cups, the rubber spatula is very good for making sure you get all of the batter. When all of the cups have been filled place the pans in the oven and bake for 35 minuets.

After the cup cakes are done let them cool for 20 minuets or so before frosting.
In a large bowl pour the powdered sugar and 1/2  cup of softened butter and begin mixing.
Using a spoon is fine but an electric mixer set at medium speed does work best for this.
Slowly and gently add the milk a few drops at a time. When the frosting is as thick as you would like it divide into two other bowls. Add 1/8 tsp of Kool-Aid to each bowl mixing thoroughly.
Frost your cup cakes to your liking and serve.
When making just 1 flavor use 1 pack of Kool-Aid. Half in the cake batter and half in the frosting.

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